Pixelpop Popups & Banners

Build your mailing list and boost sales with popups.

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Build your mailing list

Convert visitors into buyers

Advanced timing & targeting

Collect email addresses and sync new email signups straight to your mailing service. Make the most out of every visit to your store!

Create popups to promote special offers, featured products, coupon codes, gift guides, social media accounts, and more.

Time your popups with exit-intent delays, page delays, and time delays. Target by device, country, page, URL/UTM, and more.


Mailing lists


Capture email signups from everyone who visits your store, and sync directly to a mailing list in Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, or Conversio.

Direct visitors to featured products, collection pages, and other content or add a banner and entice your customers with special offers like free shipping.


Smart timing & delays

Delay showing a popup until the customer moves their cursor to leave your site—it's like a second chance at converting.

Time your popup perfectly with exit-intent and other delays, including time on site, pages viewed, and scroll distance down the page.

Advanced targeting

Frequency controls

Target customers by country and device, or run campaigns targeting visitors of specific pages or those arriving from URL/UTM parameters.

Control how often your popup displays (e.g. once per day, once per visit) and when it should stop showing to visitors.

Seconds to install

Expert support

Pixelpop requires no knowledge of code. It takes seconds to install and starts working automatically.

Access our premium customer support team, who will help with any questions you have about the app.

" I was looking for a new email capture app that didn't cost a lot. Pixelpop was perfect, whereas Privy charged $130 USD per month for the same thing."


017 Shop

" I used Pixelpop to make nice popups, which have improved my sales drastically. I love the app and I definitely 

recommend it."


Tananabeauty USA

"Pixelpop is a great app that has helped with highlighting promotions! Lots of customization options available as well."


Expo Furniture Gallery

Easy-to-design popups

Choose from a wide variety of popup types and shapes.

Preview how your popups look on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.

Track your popups' performance to optimize conversions.










10,000 monthly popup views

50,000 monthly popup views

300,000 monthly popup views

500 monthly popup views

Premium features like exit-intent delays, device targeting, custom images, display frequency controls, and more.

Premium features like exit-intent delays, device targeting, custom images, display frequency controls, and more.

*All charges are billed in USD. 

Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.